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A Boon Donation Project

From our work in Kosovo, we have learned that one important deficiency of the Kosovo education system, despite many reforms currently underway, remains the lack of modern literature,
especially of that in social sciences and humanities. For any student and aspiring scholar, having access to the necessary literature is of fundamental importance for quality education.  Given the weak socio-economic conditions of Kosovo and the high rate of poverty, it is impossible for the majority of Kosovo students to be able to afford buying modern literature - books, journals, etc. They mostly rely on libraries - namely the Kosovo National and University Library as well as smaller libraries of the many private universities - for access to literature for studies and research. But, the Kosovo National and University Library as well as other libraries throughout Kosovo have been heavily damaged during the Kosovo War of 1998-99 and to date have not been able to offer the necessary literature to Kosovo students due to lack of funds for acquiring new titles.

The purpose of this project is to collect used literature (mainly books) that university libraries can donate or have to discard (older editions of the books when new ones come in).  We are especially looking to collect books in the field of economics, international development, political science, business/management, and current affairs (including Canadian studies, modern history, human rights, etc.).

Nova Scotia has the highest number of universities on a per capita basis in Canada. There are a total of eleven institutions of higher learning in Nova Scotia. So, we are starting this project here for two reasons: it is easier to collect books from so many institutions in a driving range from Halifax, where the founder and president of the Foundation currently resides (being a PhD student at Dalhousie), and the spirit of giving and enhancing the quality of education, and with that the quality of life, for those in need has never lacked among Nova Scotians.
Because we hope to primarily collect books from university libraries in Nova Scotia, we have named the project the Atlantic International Library of Kosovo (AILK).
Therefore, we are kindly requesting Nova Scotia university libraries to donate books in the field of economics, political science, international development, business/management and current affairs to the AILK project.  Each library as well as any other contributor will, of course, be credited for the donation and its name will be inscribed on the commemorative plaque of AILK at the Kosovo National and University Library in Prishtina, Kosovo. We will also properly and adequately acknowledge everyone's contribution on all materials, press releases, and other media and PR events and opportunities related to the AILK project.

- University libraries
- University departments, centres, institutes
- Individual professors and students
- Ordinary individuals wanting to donate their books

The AILK will be housed within the premises of the Kosovo National and University Library and other university libraries across Kosovo so as to make this literature available to as many Kosovar students as possible.

The National and University Library of Kosovo

We plan to complete our book collection drive by the end of February. With the support of the Albanian Canadian Community Association of Halifax, we will be renting a climate-controlled storage unit where we will store all the books until proper shipping arrangements are made. We hope to have the books shipped to Prishtina by May 2011 and inaugurate the Atlantic International Library of Kosovo by mid- to late-May 2011.

If you are interested in helping us with this project, please contact us. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments in regards to this project. The AILK will certainly help tens of thousands of Kosovo students in their pursuit of quality education, without which they cannot be adequately prepared for the globalised economy and job market of the twenty-first century. Your contribution to this project is therefore very much appreciated and represents a direct way of helping the young generation of a post-war country become well educated and better prepared for the future. To help, contact us, please.



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